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New Horizons


New Horizons is a ministry made up of persons age 55 years and older. They meet monthly to worship, hear educational speakers, take trips for new adventures, and to fellowship with one another.


Jesus the Teacher (September, 2022)

New Horizon member and friends gathered on Saturday morning, September 17th, to travel to Fort Mill to the Christian theater called NarroWay. Before leaving, Catherine Boozer welcomed everyone, Byron Carr led the group with an inspiring devotions and a prayer thanking God for friends, asking Him to protect us on our journey and blessing us with His never - ending love. Upon arrival, Carol, the NarroWay leader entered our bus to greet us and give the necessary instructions. Our bus driver, Paul Brandt, was the lucky one to get a picture with Carol. There are very few Christian theatres in existence. The mission of NarroWay is to inspire greatness and instill a behavior showing high moral standards in people of all ages by creating Christian entertainment. The production “Jesus the Teacher” centered on many Bible stories and Jesus’ parables. For example, a few were Feeding the 5000, Prodigal Son, Good Samaritan, and the Lost Sheep. The music was amazing. Some of the hymns used were “Bringing in the Sheaves”, “Standing in the Need of Prayer”, and “I Love to Tell the Story.” A delicious meal was enjoyed and was served by the actual performers. The servers were kind, considerate and efficient. What a special day -- being with friends for fellowship and served a delicious meal, while enjoying Bible stories about Jesus the Teacher! God is good!